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ORCHID : The Garden Of learning

Dear Students,

Welcome !

Your Quest for the best suited and desired academic institution is quenched with your entry in Orchid : The Garden of Learning. You need to excel via Entrance Test for enrollment. The entire Orchid family welcomes you amidst the home of learning. The teachers take care and lead you with their profound dexterity to architect your dream.

Dear Parents,

Greetings !

The School slogan Excellence is our habit speaks itself about its quality. We believe in our responsibilities & execute them with honesty which puts on cream on our qualitative performance. We are striding to the academic excellence that is the ultimate goal for all. We are intensely immaculating our objectives to build the students’ career that can easily challenge the contemporary globe. We trust in homely environment for a kid to learn and grow together. Discipline and close-care are our another hallmark. Students’ Continuous Assessment (CAS), Field-Trip, Community-Based Project, Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) are the glory of school.

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From the Desk Of Principal

Dear valuated parents and well wishers


May this New Year usher happiness, sound health, prosperity and bonanza in your life.


Dr. Khem Acharya

It is needless to reiterate that the school is in the lime light within its very short period (4 Years) of inception. This is ORCHID in a nutshell.

For the further holistic development of our kids, the new management team is fully committed and devoted to accomplish its goals and objectives. Educating kids in school level, especially in primary level, is the foundation and milestone of their future. What we sow now in them will be ripen accordingly in the future. It is metaphoric to Stronger the foundation in a house, larger the stories we can add, which is our realization. Moreover, we are striving to fulfill our motto: Students are the centre of focusing point and Parents are our Gods. Our team has envisioned to make this school as the dreamland of our parents and one of the model schools in the nation.

The school pleads you all at least to visit here and us in person before you choose the pathway of your kids.

Dr. Khem Acharya


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Chairman's Message

Dear Parents/Students

Greetings !

For all parents, the education of our children is one of the greatest milestones and selecting the right school is not an easy task. The benefit of a sound education is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on your children. It is something that they can’t lose or have taken away from themselves. It will greatly influence the children realizing their potential & will enhance the chances of leading a successful life.

As one of the Nepal’s well known schools, Orchid School has been spreading its sublime academic curriculum since its four years’ founding. We not only lay emphasis on the academic results, but keenly grow, students’ personal behavior, upright culture, sharpened civilization, by and large discipline as well as their personal hygiene. We have strong conviction to assure the parents that they can put their children’s name down to Orchid School without any anxieties. We vigorously welcome all of our parents & our future cream of the crop.

Mr. Rajaram Acharya


Management Committee

Dear Parents,

We are centrally located at the heart of Bharatpur-10, Hakim Chowk. We believe Chairmanin quality education. We have well experienced and renowned Technical Faculty supported by a team of completely devoted Management. We have proved our outstanding performance from unprecedented result at DLE & SLC in past years. We are grateful to our faculty for its effort, parents for their support & students for their performance. We expect the same In the days to come. We direct our students towards right path with proper guidance which is essential as a foundation to achieve massive success in their further education we are sure that no stone will remain unturned for quality education of your kids in Orchid School.

Mr. Gopal Parajuli


Board of Directors

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Vice Principal's Message

Dear All,

Namaste !

“Everything that you can imagine, you can do;

And whatever you dream, will come true !”

Education is the only key that opens every door of opportunities in the present complex world. It is the healing-herb for all the ailments. It has become more Viceessential to cope with every challenge in the modern era. Therefore, there lies the significance of learning.

We would like to make a plea to our students – Dream you make; to let it come true, we ever remain awake. We, the entire Orchid crew ever accelerate ourselves to accomplish the goal to find our kids in the horizon of success.

Orchid School ever extends its arms to welcome you with homely fragrance and warmth.

Thank you !

Mr. Om Raj Mainali

(Vice Principal)

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Orchid Crew

Dear Parents,

We work for Inspirational Teaching-Learning Activities. We always endeavor to strengthen the foundation of our kids. We have been focused an friendly, co-operative, and highly motivational approach to all kids so that they can develop indiscriminating spirit to push themselves in acquiring knowledge. Along with teaching -learning, we excavate the genuine potentiality lying in your kids in an enthusiastic manners in the arena of sportsmanship, artist, dancer, orator , mass dealing, researcher, anchoring, and personality development. We assure you all for quality development of our children and better care.

 – Orchid Family

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